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5 Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Need

Once you announce your first pregnancy to the world, it’s time to start preparing for the arrival of your little one. One thing you’ll probably be doing is planning a baby shower, or at the very least, creating a registry. Everyone you know is going to have suggestions for things to buy, and what brands to get, and there’s a good chance you’ll feel overwhelmed once you get to the baby store and start looking. People are always eager to tell you what items you need, but far too often they include tons of things you don’t need, even some crazy expensive ones. So, I’ve compiled a list of 5 things that you really don’t need even though everyone says you do. Who knows, maybe it’ll save you some money and time down the road!

1. Changing Table (and/or the diaper pail)!
While you’re definitely going to be changing lots of stinky diapers after your new baby arrives, you probably don’t need that changing table or the diaper pail as badly as you think. Changing tables take up a lot of space, and while they’re good for becoming cluttered storage devices, they usually don’t get used. I personally found that I was never in the nursery when the diapers needed to be changed, and I rarely had the time to run to the nursery every time a diaper needed to be changed. The couch, the floor, even the kitchen counter once or twice (followed by a deep cleaning) easily became the changing table. You usually change the diaper wherever you can, and more often than not, it’s usually not the changing table. People often place a diaper pail near their changing table too. This isn’t needed either. I found that my diaper pail got full too quickly and honestly just created more work for me, as I had yet another “trash can”, and it seemed like this one needed to be taken out twice as much as the rest in the house. While it did keep the smell out for us, it didn’t keep it out any better than a trash can with a lid from the dollar store.

2. Bassinet

So, this one might not apply to everyone, but it’s something to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect pre-crib bed for the little peanut you’re currently growing. There are tons of fancy and expensive bassinets out there, but there are also plenty of beautiful, classy, and—most importantly—cheap bassinets out there, too. Before you spend a load of money on a bassinet, consider the fact that your baby might not even be willing to sleep in one, and if he/she does, it might not be for very long. There are plenty of big-ticket items out there that it would make sense to pour a lot of money into—the car seat, for example. However, we must remember that all babies are different, just like all adults are. While a friend of mine (whose baby was born just a few short months before my daughter) found that her son slept good in the bassinet and used it every night, my daughter spent about 10 minutes in her bassinet for about 3 nights before we realized that she just slept better in her crib. And that didn’t last long either—now she sleeps next to us in a (safe) co-sleeper because if she can’t see Mommy or Daddy when she wakes up, it’s a 5 hour tantrum that results in her FINALLY falling asleep again two and a half minutes before the alarm clock goes off. Yes, this really happens. Ever heard of Mombies? There’s a reason that word exists.

3. Bottle Warmer

I truly thought, at one time, that the bottle warmer was the BEST thing God ever could’ve put on this earth (aside from my daughter, of course). This only lasted for about a month. You see, while the bottle warmer does heat up the contents of the bottle evenly, we found that you never could know how hot or cold the water would be when it was done. We used the cheap bottle warmer that you can get at Walmart, where it comes with a measuring utensil on the side that you fill up to a line with water, and the more water you pour in, the hotter it will get the bottle. We found that even when only filling it up to the first line, sometimes the contents of thebottle would be so hot it’d burn our arm, and we’d have to run it under cold water to cool it down. However, other times we could fill it up to that same line, and by the time it was done, it’d be just right or nowhere near warm enough. It also took way too long to warm up, too. And while there are other bottle warmers out there that may do a better job of warming the bottles, there are pleeeeenty of babies out there who don’t even like their milk warm and would prefer room temperature or cold milk—whether it be from the booby, or from a can of formula.

4. Wipe Warmer

This one was actually really pleasant for a while, too. That is, until my baby got used to nice, warm wipes on her tush and started SCREAMING anytime we were out in public and she had to take a room-temperature or cold wipe. You can’t carry the wipe warmer with you everywhere you go, so your baby is going to have to get used to a not-so-welcoming wipe on the butt eventually. Trust me, you’ll get peed on (even if you have a girl) a LOT less and diaper changings may be smoother with a cold wipe if they never get used to a warm wipe in the first place.

5. The Baby Bathtub

Honestly, I used it like…maybe five times. I found that it was hard on her back, and unless you spend an insane amount of money on those bathtubs with the “soothing waterfall” feature, it gets cold too fast on their back. She also never actually fit in it just right, and the part where her butt went really seemed to be uncomfortable for her. I found that a bath hammock worked much better, laster longer, and was way more comfortable for her. So if you feel that you absolutely must get a baby bathtub, maybe consider a bath hammock. But, if you’re like me and most other parents I know, you’ll be bathing them in the kitchen sink most of the time anyways!

Babies are expensive, as I’m sure you already know. It’s harder to sell some big ticket item that you bought while planning for baby for a good price and replace it with something you actually need instead, so it’s best to not put too much into those big ticket items in the first place. Every parent is different, and some parents may look at it and say, “I loved that item, definitely not a waste of money”! However, for me personally, these things were not worth it. If this is your first baby, then something you’ll be learning very soon is that all babies come straight out of the womb with some sort of personality already. What most babies love isn’t what your baby will love, and until you’ve experimented with your baby a little bit, you’ll never really know what works best for you and what doesn’t!


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