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Why It’s OK to Not be OK

You know how everyone always reassures you that you're a good mom, but no matter what, you just feel like the world's biggest failure when it comes to being a mom from time to time? Well, we all get there. We've all been there. And, we're all good moms. Even when we're not okay, we're… Continue reading Why It’s OK to Not be OK

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The Birth Plan: Why It Doesn’t Matter

I was induced at 7AM on September 6th, 2016. The contractions started around 9AM. Around 10:30, the doctors broke my water. At around 4 AM, the doctor came in again and checked my cervix. Unfortunately, I had stopped dilating. I was still at a 6 and making no progress. There was almost no fluid surrounding my baby anymore, and my blood pressure was rising. The worst news came 10 minutes later: we're going to do a c-section.